As Jesus walked into Jerusalem on the donkey colt, the people celebrated His entrance to their city with palm branches, laying them on the ground before Him.  Only He knew what the week would bring.  Only He knew what He was about to face.  Willingly.  Lovingly. Selflessly. Fully God, and fully man, He had the power to save Himself; yet for His love, He endured.

Celebrate Him this Palm Sunday, as we continue our study of Psalms, and dive into the Songs about God and His people.  Only He is worthy of all glory and honor and praise!

PALM SUNDAY - March 24, 2024

9:30 | Sunday School

10:30 | Worship & the Word

With the salvation of the world at stake, Jesus made the final walk to Calvary. Physically, He was carrying the wooden cross; its load impossible to bear alone. But spiritually, Jesus bore the sins of the world. No one in heaven or on earth could help Him bear this burden. How heavy must the sins of the world be? With every lash, with every drop of blood, with every painful step, He walked towards His gift to mankind: reconciliation with God the Father through His sacrifice.  Oh, the blood of the Lamb!

Join us for Good Friday service, focusing on the Lamb of God, who died to take away the sins of the world; your sins, and mine.

GOOD FRIDAY - March 29, 2024




Easter story and egg hunt (ages 11 and under) at 11AM!

Followed by:

Free Hot dog lunch!




And more!!!

We are looking forward to this time of fun and fellowship!  We love family time here at Prairie Center CGP and "church family" time is one of our favorite activities!  Come enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon with us as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of our risen Savior!


Today, we celebrate Christ, the Risen King!  As we read through Songs of God’s mighty deeds in our Psalms series, let us worship our Savior, Jesus, for His greatest deed…defeating death and the grave, for you and for me! 

This Sunday is a family Sunday; no Sunday School or children's classes will be in session.  

Our families celebrate Easter together!  

7:00AM | Sunrise Service (south lawn/basketball court)

8:00AM | Easter Breakfast

9:30AM | Worship & the Word