We know that visiting a new church can be a very uncomfortable experience...you never know what you may be getting yourself into!  In order to help ease your anxiety, we have prepared the following questions and answers about what you might expect when you first visit with us!

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Here are a few expection questions that we've answered for you!

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What Should I Wear? 

Simply put, how you arrive doesn't matter to us.  You will likely see people in jeans and t-shirts, sitting beside people in dresses or slacks.  We believe the way to prepare our hearts for worship matters more than the outward appearance.  So, please, dress in a manner you feel is comfortable - just come to worship!

What About My Children?

We love children!  If you would like more information about our Children's Ministries, please click HERE.  We would love to introduce you to the teachers, and show you the space that our kids occupy!  If you prefer to keep your children with you during service, that is no problem!  Children are welcome with their parents in "big church" as well!

Where Should I Park?

There are several handicap spaces directly across from the North (main) entrance, and the East (Montclaire) entrance.  Other than that, there is parking available around the entire building!

What's Your Worship Service Like?

Great question!  We enjoy a "blended" worship service, to minister to the hearts of all generations in our congregation!  On any given Sunday, you will hear hymns alongside contemporary songs, with lyrics on the big screen on stage.  We love instruments, including electric piano, drums, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, trombones, violins...the more the merrier!  You will even see new musicians onstage, learning alongside seasoned musicians.  Personal worship is encouraged!  If you desire, feel free to raise your hands and your voice!  If you are more reserved, you are welcome to worship quietly!

How Do You Pray?

We are a church that believes in the power of prayer.  There will be times when we are all praying together, out loud; there will be times when we kneel at the altar; there will be times when people come forward to be prayed over, or make requests for others to pray for or with them.  We encourage you to pray how you feel comfortable; you will not be pressured to participate in any way.  We believe that talking to God is so much more important than HOW you do it!

Does the Pastor Yell or Just Talk?

We have a variety of speakers who will speak in addition to our Pastor, so you will be introduced to as many varieties of styles as there are individual speakers.  Our goal is to communicate the ageless wisdom of God's Word in a relational style through relevant topics that offer practical applications for modern living.  We do not know the answer to every question; we are on this journey together!

Will I Be Expected to Give Money?

This answer is short and sweet:  NO!  We collect offerings during our worship service but we make it a point to let our guests know they do not have to contribute.  This time of service is a time for the church family to celebrate the blessings and provisions of our God and to give freewill offerings in support of the church and special needs, such as missions, youth camps, future building initiatives and community benevolence.  if you want to give, we will gladly accept your gift to God, but that is between you and the LORD!

Will I Be Contacted After I Visit?

That is up to you!  When you arrive, you will be offered information which includes a guest information card.  You may fill this out and put it in the offering plate....or not!  The card allows us to get to know you better and how we can serve you if needed, but this contact is always optional!  We realize our church may not suit everyone but we will be glad that you gave us a try!  You don't have to attend our church regularly but our prayer is that everyone finds a community that helps them worship, grow, fellowship and serve others in Jesus' name!